CX to WOD conversion notes.

CP are directly equivalent to XP.

Trainings are purchased and are considered specific tasks that ordinarily don’t require a roll to perform (i.e., parachuting or rappelling), or are something that simply having a skill is not enough (i.e., surveillance and communication).

Some skills in CX are actually specialties in WOD, and many CX skills are “meta-skills.” A “meta skill” means that it is a single name that represents multiple actual “skills” in WOD (for instance, “Engineering” skill in CX is actually a meta skill, describing at least four different skills in WOD).

Dice Rolling Tests in CX are listed as Df(x) where x is the difficulty of the test. In addition, target numbers can be increased or decreased by up to two. n WOD, instead of comparing difficulty to ability and adding modifiers, the Df rating is the number of successes required, while adding or removing dice based on the target modifier. Thus, a Df2 test with a -1t modifier would be a die roll that needed two successes in order to be a “success,” and the pool would be reduced by one die. If an object or circumstance modifies the Df of the roll, it modifies the number of successes required. Thus, a Healing test that got a -1Df bonus would need one less success than normally required. Any Df that becomes zero or less is considered automatic. Equipment modifiers in WOD are equivalent to target modifiers in CX, while situational modifiers are the inverse of Df modifiers in CX. So, an equipment modifier of -1 from not having proper tools reduces the dice pool by one, and a situational modifier of -2 for shooting into a melee is equivalent to +2 Df and requires two extra successes.

Stabilization Tests in CX affect whether or not a character who has suffered Lethal damage gets worse over time instead of healing. Stabilization tests are never rolled for Bashing Damage which is non-lethal, or Aggravated Damage which is ALWAYS unstable and requires constant attention (or a healing effect) in order to prevent decay. Once a Stabilization test has succeeded, the character is considered “stable” and will heal given time without further assistance… assuming no more damage is done to the character. In CX, stabilization tests are rolled with Stamina dice, and have a Df value, with a Willpower modifier. In WOD, it is rolled using Stamina + Resolve, requiring a number of successes equal to the damage level. Yes, this does mean that people who have suffered great amounts of damage might not stabilize. So long as medical attention is being applied, any victim who has not yet stabilized will not get worse unless the stabilization test is a critical failure. Medical attention can provide bonus/penalty dice to the victim, while equipment bonuses apply to the medical attention roll instead. Some effects can make these tests automatic, and the victim can spend Willpower to alter the roll.

Healing Tests in CX define how long a wounded character remains at their current state naturally. Healing always deals with the most severe damage first. These tests are made according to the frequency described in the WOD main book, and any success translates the damage into the next lower type. For instance, one lethal becomes one bashing if the test is successful. In CX, these tests are based on Stamina, modified by Willpower. In WOD, it is rolled on Stamina + Resolve, requiring a number of successes equal to the damage level. Medical attention and equipment can provide bonus/penalty dice to the subject. A critical failure on a healing test makes the character “unstable” again. Some effects can make these tests more frequent or even automatic, and Willpower can be spent by the victim to alter the roll.

Force Of Will for Psychics. In CX, a character can inflict on themselves non-lethal damage in an effort to generate a pool of temporary Psi Points. In WOD, the subject spends one Willpower Point, rolls Permanent Willpower, and gains a temporary pool of Psi Points equal to the successes which must immediately be used or they disappear. Regardless of success or failure of the Willpower roll, the subject takes a single Bashing damage level.

KO/Stun from CX is ignored; usage penalties from WOD are used instead. These penalties are equivalent to CX target number modifiers, not Df modifiers.

CX to WOD conversion notes.

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