The AEGIS Corporation

The Aegis Corporation is a company operating out of a compound near Denver, Colorado.

The company is listed as a “private security” firm, and as such has wide latitude with its operations. The characters are the primary employees, but there are several support personnel present (largely science and technical staff). The compound consists of one Industrial Park, one Warehouse, and one Estate, all located on a very large spread off of Barr Lake in Brighton. The Estate includes most of the living facilities (including the Hospital), while the Industrial Park contains the majority of the science and technical facilities, and the Warehouse is primarily for storage. The Arsenals and Equipment are stored within the Vaults of the Estate and the Warehouse; locations for specific items are up to the party. Additional non-secured storage space is plentiful in the Industrial Park.

Delphi is the name or psuedonym of the President and CEO of the Aegis Corporation. She (if indeed she is a she) appears to know everything about the Characters despite there being no records of them. She is never actually seen or even heard by the party; in point of fact, she is never actually present at the compound. She operates strictly through telecommunication and courier interfaces. Even with the use of telepresence links, she does not allow her actual face (or voice) to be transmitted. She is a “very private person,” and takes extreme measures to ensure that she remains anonymous. It is through her that Aegis clients are found. The party is not permitted to accept clients without her direct approval, and ALL potential clients must be screened by her before being officially approached. Typically, clients’ dossiers are provided to the party before the client even arrives at the compound (if the client ever DOES arrive at the compound). In some cases, clients do not even know they are “clients.”

The clients of the Aegis Corporation who are aware of the relationship can expect to be protected and they are; however, Delphi takes it a step further than any “security firm” would ever go and demands that the employees not simply defeat a single attack but instead requires agents to actually eliminate the threat. This elimination can take many forms and is not always violent; in many cases, violence is not a viable method for a permanent elimination of the threat. The method is not as important as the end; the ultimate goal is always that the client is protected from the threat for the foreseeable future. In Delphi’s words: “It doesn’t do any good to defeat the assassins and leave the organizer in a position to send another team after the client later.”

The Corporation has significant holdings that the party won’t have direct access to or even clear knowledge of; these holdings are only hinted at by the fact that every week a different courier will arrive with $20,000 in CASH in a variety of non-sequential and older bills, ostensibly to provide for the party’s “operating expenses.” The Party may use these funds in any way that they wish, but they will not be provided with any additional funds if they run short. Budgeting is just one more skill the party will have to display or develop.

AEGIS Corporation Assets

The Location of the Compound:

The AEGIS Corporation

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