What a Wonderful World

The First Client -

Miguel Ortiz

Read by “Delphi:”

Miguel Ortiz was once a construction worker in Corpus Christie, Texas, until an “accident” gave him organic brain damage. Today, he lives on the streets near what was once his home, a gentle giant whose friends are either imaginary or other damaged people.

He is 38 years old, an American-born citizen born to “undocumented workers.” He was an “anchor baby,” and his family now are naturalized citizens of the US. He served in the Navy as a member of the SeaBees, for eight years (four before and four after 9/11), and was honorably discharged.

He had no criminal record in his adult life, but his juvenile record includes several reports of assault. Most of these charges were dropped, as the “victims” were local gang members and Miguel appeared to be defending someone else in each case.

His accident was on a construction site for “affordable housing” by a development company called Brightstar Industries, where a partial building collapse killed four workers according to the paperwork, including himself. Only one body was ever found in the wreckage.

Brightstar Industries is a nation-wide company owned by a collection of holding companies and one private individual. The private holder is one Walter Stark, and his holdings of the company exceed the total of all of the others. This is not Stark’s only company that he holds in this fashion. Very clever, really; Stark has effectively made a corporation a sole proprietorship with investors… there is no real risk of losing majority share of the company, and at the same time there is no need for him to put up all of the money invested in it.

The records of his treatment for his injuries at a nearby urgent care facility were filed as a “John Doe,” and were improperly handled; most personal-identification factors are obscured or marginalized. It does not appear that this is sinister, so much as sloppy results from an overloaded clinic. He was to be transferred to a proper hospital but appears to have simply wandered away before transfer.

Miguel had a wife (Lucia), who has retaken her maiden name (Deleon) and left their home behind and returned to her family’s home in Laredo, Texas. Miguel and Lucia did not have a child, and she is currently listed as un-attached, according to her profile. She is currently finishing a degree in Broadcasting and has sent her resume and demo reel to several local stations. She is actually quite talented and may have a promising career if she can get the notice of any of the executive producers.

Miguel left very little in the way of assets, though a modest life insurance policy did pay out to his widow and made her education possible.

There was no significant investigation by the police once the county engineers had determined that the building collapse was an accident. The examination by the county engineers was cursory, however…. almost slapdash. There is no obvious evidence of collusion or cover-up, though it is certainly possible.

A recent scuffle at a homeless shelter has attracted the attention of someone other than the authorities, and it appears that he is now truly in mortal danger. So far, I have identified the involvement of one Jacob Dietrich, a private investigator that has identified Miguel for who he was. I have yet to find any clear lead to who might have hired him however.


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