What a Wonderful World


The Characters introduction to the Aegis Corporation

How does each character get involved?

Delphi is a strange combination of direct and obscure. Whether it is a car service that picks up the player by name and a phone call during a trip through the city, or a courier that delivers a mysterious burner phone that functions once then self-destructs…

Delphi makes no secret to the character that she is dealing with that she knows exactly everything about them. This is not done in a threatening way, but merely a matter-of-fact proof-of-self way.

The approach she uses is generally similar for all members; she avoids appealing to greed, and appeals instead to the character’s senses of self. Whether it be the former agent who desperately needs a puzzle to occupy his mind, or the former investigator that needs a purpose in order to make her life worth living, or the soldier who simply needs a duty to fulfill, or the burned spy who needs to protect someone in order to prevent becoming an avenging force of punishment… Delphi knows the characters well enough without ever meeting them to know what they need.

The job offers practicality, purpose, a sense of accomplishment and being part of something better, and also a sense of wonder at the degree to which the shadows permeate the world around us and how some people (like Delphi) do not simply walk in the shadows… they ARE the shadows.

Players should add to this log to identify what it is that drives them, what it is that attracted them to the job.


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